The Worth of Words Can't be Kept Silent: The Voice of Xu Xue Chun

Pia Willis


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There is so much more to words than the exact meaning that they are known for. Writers have been given a chance to work around words, their meanings, and how they are used in context to create meaning that readers would be able to relate to. 

Xu Xue Chun



Xu Xue Chun is one of the writers who do not shy away from saying what he wants to say, especially when he knows that what he needs to say has great worth and can change the world and the way humans live their lives. 



Believing that writing is more than just a personal calling, but a responsibility given to him by God, Xu Xue Chun tried to find all possible to make his writing reach the right people. In his quest to do so, he tried to explore many things, research on a lot of matters that he thinks should be given attention to, especially when it comes to developing better ways of living that will affect the way problems are resolved. 



One of the problems that Xu tends to resolve is social inequality. His thoughts about inequality affect how he understands the role of economy and governments and how these factors in society have controlled the way humans live. He insists that because of commerce, it became impossible for humans to live alongside each other in peace. 



The book Century Sentence outlines his thoughts accordingly. It provides a clear depiction of how he sees society and its flaws. Most of the assumptions he has about society are based on Chinese society, its people, the government, and its culture. 



In one way or another, it can be seen how his visions provide a developing idea about how he sees the real value of life and how they should also be seen by society as they are affected by all these factors. He determines the need to explore and bring out the truth in all manners possible. 



In his earlier quests to open the truth to the public, he found himself in the middle of a conflicting position that pushed one of his translators to tell the police officers about what he has written. The translator perceived that his thoughts were too bold and destructive that they need to be stopped. 

Nevertheless, Xu decided not to stop. He pursued his goal and continued with his writing and found more translators to make his work more readable. His desire to reach out to readers who would be more than ready to listen to what he has to say has driven him to take the aggressive route to have his writing published and hopefully create a difference in the world. He believes that he could make a change with this approach that will certainly bring life a better value and better direction towards a more progressive future.


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